Tutorial on Runtime Compiled C++ in Maya

It seems like everyone’s up to getting hot-reloadable code working in their custom engines these days, so I thought I’d take a stab at my own implementation inside a Maya deformer (though it doesn’t have to be limited to just a deformer!) This is basically a technique that allows you to dynamically reload compiled code on-the-fly, all without having to unload/reload your plugin or worse, restart Maya.

Continuing in the vein of my previous tutorial, I thought I’d try using the same approach of generating a tutorial outside of the scope of a normal basic blog post, which I got some good feedback about. The unfortunate side effect is that this has quickly become the longest tutorial I’ve ever written thus far, and yet it’s still incomplete in a multitude of areas. (Perhaps I’ll update it in the future to address some of its knowledge gaps)

You can take a look at the tutorial here, and view the Github repository that contains the sample code here.