ZScript defintion for Sublime Text

(For Sublime Text 3 and above)

Ever wondered why Pixologic wrote their documentation in such a ZScript Command Reference? Ever curse and swear as you alt-tab back and forth (or strain your neck looking at a second monitor) between your text editor and the reference?

As someone famous once said:

Seriously, Pixologic, WTF?

But guess what? THERE IS AN ANSWER.

In the form of a syntax definition for Sublime Text, that is. Not like a better documentation bundle or anything like that, unfortunately, At least, not yet…

Get it!

I’m releasing all my code for this syntax defintion on BitBucket (Git). Click the big button to go to my repository!

You can also install it directly from Package Control in Sublime Text as well; search for “ZScript” (Recommended method)

Use it...?

This plugin can be installed from Package Control directly within Sublime Text. This is the recommended method for end-users.


Manual installation

If you are intending to develop this plugin, you can check out the source code directly from the Bitbucket repository. Below are instructions for installing the plugin manually and getting it running.

  • Place this folder in your %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3\Packages folder.
  • Restart SublimeText. Any files that have a *.zs extension will automatically be opened as ZScript syntax.
  • In your Package Control Settings, add the following line:
    "ignore_vcs_packages": true

    in order to prevent Package Control from freezing when trying to connect.