Mari Tools

Complementing the Mari Extensions Pack

Mari Tools is a suite of tools that I have been writing for the Foundry’s Mari 3D painting DCC. I wrote it after taking a look at the Mari Extensions Pack and deciding that the existing architecture of the toolkit made it very difficult for people to submit improvements, and wanted to make a solution that would be more Python-ic in nature.

Offers various workflow tools that Mari is sorely lacking such as incremental project archiving, cache/history clear and a tab manager.

Plugins can be created easily, and are loaded/registered automatically while seamlessly running side-by-side with other plugins (such as the Mari Extensions pack).

No more hunting through layers of documentation to figure out how to get a simple Hello World palette to open!

Tools such as the Metadata Manager are an example of how the plugin framework allows pipeline TDs to create more complicated tools easily without bothering themselves with making a custom UI framework themselves, and sticking with more conventional PySide conventions instead.

Want some? Get some!

Don't worry, the actual toolkit isn't as lame as these headers.

All the code for this tool is available on my Bitbucket repository. If you’re too lazy to click the link (or if you have a bash prompt open like, right now, you could also just clone the repository itself:

git clone

Otherwise, if you have literally zero clue as to what I was just babbling about and think Python is some sort of disease that Australians have, download the installer by clicking the link below!


First, RTFM. Like, seriously, read it.

After that, if you still feel like you’ve found a bug (impossible!) or would like to suggest a feature (pffft), feel free to submit it on the Bitbucket tracker.

(In all seriousness, please do report bugs and problems and suggest tools you’d like to see that may not be present yet, or in the Mari Extensions Pack.)