Never Alone

CG Animator/Technical Artist

I worked on the video game Never Alone at E-line Media in Seattle, Washington in 2014 as an animator/technical artist. I was responsible for the following:

  • Character/cinematic animation
  • Character/prop rigging
  • Character surfacing and modeling for more visually complex characters
  • Debugging Unity 3D animation issues and gameplay bugs
  • Developing a system for exporting cinematic cameras to work with our in-game cutscenes
  • Developing an animation management and export tool

Relevant Credits

Art director: Dima Veryovka

Producer: Matt Swanson

Creative Director: Sean Vesce

Animation: Adrian Sairin, Anne Feeny, Siew Yi Liang, Rocky (Office dog)

3D Artists: Casey McDonnell, Kayl Myers, Alexei Gil, Decker Fantastic

Programming: David Koenig, Darren Schoen, Tim Tourney, Chris Eng

Design: Vincent Leone, Grant Richards, Michael Gi, Ian Gil, Jonathan Gregoire