I’m on a New Earth…

So I’m now officially (as of November 17th, a few weeks ago, yes) a technical artist working on Heroes of Newerth, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

New team, new studio, new standing desk workstation!


After a crazy past few weeks of moving, cleaning, packing, shipping, flying, driving, spending AND working, at 0100 hours this early morning, I’m finally seated, and for the first time, I can begin to relax. Just finally moved into my new apartment and plugged in my computer(s).

Looking around, I still have 3 suitcases lying on the floor, unpacked, while I worry myself with running hardware tests to make sure nothing broke during the 2000-mile trip and setting up my work RDP access. Such is the extent of my depravity.

I’m going to miss the people who I’ve had the fortune of working with in Seattle these past (almost) 5 years, and its food. I know I’m going to hate the winter ahead, with its snowfall that makes Seattle’s claim of rain look positively laughable. And I’m already missing my programmer/art groupies, who I could always count on for critique and advice.

But the thing I’m not going to miss is the lack of a challenge; it’s what brought me all the way here far from home and familiarity in the first place. And in starting to settle into my new role, I can already foresee the trials ahead in tackling a workflow that came out when I was first starting at Mikoishi, all those years ago, are going to eclipse what I just went through at E-line Media on Never Alone.


But that’s ok. Right now, I’m more than eager to see how just much I can bite off before I get chewed out by the industry.

Time to get back to work!