FStretch-like defomer in ICE

I’ve seen FStretch for Maya after a student informed me of its existence. I lusted after it. I craved it, imagining what its deformations would look like on my characters. Totally sounds not wrong. I got to wondering if this would be possible in XSI through the power of ICE.

It didn’t take long to find such an example. However, the inner workings of the compound was never revealed.

I then saw Cesar Saez’s prototype of it over on his blog. And then I promptly got buried in work and forgot about it for a while, until recently, when I became more familiar with ICE workflow.

Yay (Also fully customizable by weightmap as well!) Just goes to show that Softimage XSI, beleaguered as it may be from naysayers, even from Autodesk themselves, can do things that no other DCC can ever hope to achieve as simply, intuitively, and productively.

Autodesk, you really don’t know what you’ve just done. And 3D artists…you really have no idea just what a fantastic tool you’ve lost.