Docset for Maya C++ API Reference

I’ve been frustrated by the lack of good documentation end-user tools out there. There’s Zeal, Velocity and Dash, but really I think I would like to write my own that doesn’t rely on such an odd docset format. Until I do, however, I’m currently using Zeal to browse all of my documentation that I require where docsets exist for them.

However, as I work with Maya mostly these days at work, I find myself very annoyed at having to browse the official documentation provided by Autodesk; it’s terribly slow, and the search function leaves a lot to be desired in terms of speed, even if you download the documentation offline and view it there.

Alex Widener kindly generated a docset for PyMEL a while ago, but since the C++ API reference was generated through Doxygen, there was no easy way to generate one that was Dash-compatible.

So I decided to spend a couple of hours figuring out the format and generating a docset for the Maya C++ API reference. I’ve uploaded the scripts and the resulting docset to Github. Please note that the documentation is, of course, originally written by Autodesk.

Hope this helps fellow developers in their efforts to code faster! If you find errors in the docset or have suggestions to improve it, feel free to submit a pull request.

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    1. You mean OpenMaya2? I actually use the C++ documentation as well for that to be honest…it’s got way more information on the functions and their signatures as opposed to the sparse ones for OM2…

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