Cont. Education (Substance Designer)

Getting more involved with my other artistic aspects ever since I’ve graduated. Substance, Houdini, Mari, 3D Coat, Modo, Unity, Unreal 4…and on top of that, trying to keep up with the new developments in Maya/XSI as well. With the added stress of trying to find a job, it’s enough to drive one mad! (If I wasn’t already)

For now, though, I’m going back to my roots: settling with working on little small-scale projects such as these in order to figure out workflows, and then bring the best of that back into my daily work.

Thus: cardboard box. Just playing around with figuring out Substance in general and how far it’s come since I switched to dDo for all the procedural texturing nonsense.  Some interesting possibilities, though I still contend they should take several pages, or chapters, even, out of how Nuke does its node-based UI. Hell, even XSI’s ICE UI is better than what they currently have.