ftrack 3ds max Plugin

ftrack for 3ds max

Are you a studio or current user working with ftrack? Have you noticed something conspicuously missing from their list of integrations? That’s right, it’s the bastard DCC that no one uses 3ds max!

Well, guess what? Those days of moaning about Perforce/SVN/Alienbrain (if you’re mad) are over! Enjoy full integration of ftrack with 3ds max RIGHT NOW!

And by “right now”, I mean, “eventually when I’m allowed to release it, along with a ton of other common libraries that my tools use, as open-source”.

Feature Demonstration

Set your task either from launching the Action from the ftrack web UI or from within 3ds max itself. No more launching multiple instances of 3ds max just to work on the task you want!

Publish files directly from 3ds max and have a preview of the file automatically generated from you. No more manually dragging-and-dropping files to Connect! (Though you still can, of course.)

Review feedback and notes on a task directly from within 3ds max, without having to go to the ftrack web UI and find your task again. (Or, if you prefer, automatically open a web browser to the task through the Set Task UI!)

Manage versions and merge components from other versions as well, all within 3ds max! Say goodbye to XRefs and their lack of actual referencing features!

Instead of dealing with environment variables, artists enjoy the convenience of a standalone application to manage all credentials required. No more hacky batch scripts or headaches with bash!

Additional actions and integrations also exist with this plugin, including support for JIRA through a custom Python publisher!

Other features

  • Amazon S3 Location/Resolver plugins
  • Custom Structure plugin
  • Custom Python publisher for one-way integration with Atlassian JIRA
  • Download All Components from Entity action
  • Delete Components from Location action

And more!

I want it!

Unfortunately, right now this is only available internally. However, if you are a developer/studio willing to work with me on extending the functionality of this plugin, please contact me directly and we can (probably) work something out.

This entire suite of tools is intended to eventually be made open-source, however. Eventually.