Siew Yi Liang

Software Engineer & Technical Artist


I specialize in making tools and code go fast. I solve problems for artists, developers, and gamers alike.

Work Experience

Visual Language Programmer

Epic Games | 2021-10-11 - Present

Helping to develop the new Verse programming language and the infrastructure around Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

  • Helped implement and maintain several aspects of the Verse compiler toolchain, APIs and surrounding tools (i.e. parser, digest generator, semantic analyzer, code generator, virtual machine, language server), along with developing testing frameworks around them.
  • Also worked to ensure that the integration of Verse into UEFN is (and remains) successful.
  • Helping mentor and technically guide other members of the team working on an unannounced Verse IDE, along with implementing several features and overseeing technical overhaul of architecture.

Production Tools Engineer

Apple | 2020-07-20 - 2021-09-20

Worked with the Technology Development Group (TDG) on Reality Composer, RealityKit, visionOS, ModelIO and other surrouding projects.

  • Contributed work to the physics, animation and USD parser sub-systems of visionOS/Reality Composer.
  • Also collaborated with Autodesk to contribute both bug fixes and new features to the USD for Maya project to facilitate a successful workflow for USD on Apple platforms.
  • Worked on proprietary production tools for our various internal art teams, especially on Maya/Houdini/etc.-specific tooling.
  • Helped support other teams at Apple who were making use of USD and develop features/bugfixes to address their needs.

Senior Cinematics Technical Director I

Blizzard Entertainment | 2018-02-23 - 2020-06-26

Part of the front-end TD team at Blizzard Animation, working on the tools and technology behind the cinematics across Blizzard titles.

  • As a senior, I was tasked with taking on the responsiblities of helping to guide more projects and other junior TDs to success as well in their own endeavours.
  • I worked on tools and pipeline projects and saw them through across departments, all the way to final render (and usually beyond).
  • Worked closely with RnD/Engineering departments on various projects, including public forks (e.g. Alembic enhancements) and internal-only tools.
  • Developed internal libraries (PSD parser, custom animation file format) and Python extensions for other departments to use.
  • Developed WinDbg extension to help debug complex issues and coordinated with 3rd-party vendors, dropping to assembly when necessary without access to source code.

Cinematics Technical Director

Blizzard Entertainment | 2016-03-04 - 2018-02-23

Working on the front-end TD team at Blizzard Animation to support and create tools for artists within the Cinematics group.

  • Worked on tools/pipeline that span almost the entire range of departments across the Cinematics team (Previz/Concept/Modeling/RigSim/Animation/Surfacing/Lighting/RnD etc.
  • GUI tools (Qt, ImGui etc.), DCC plug-ins (Maya, 3ds max, Mari etc.), file formats (Alembic, PSD, internal-only etc.), proprietary software (lighting engine), whatever the need is for a project to succeed.

Technical Artist

Frostburn Studios | 2014-11-01 - 2016-02-12

Worked on Heroes of Newerth as a technical artist and pipeline developer.

  • Developing pipeline tools, including custom ftrack integration for various DCC applications.
  • Developed CI build process for tools team.
  • Overhauling animation/rigging process from a legacy pipeline.
  • Conduct RnD for new features along with training artists to use various new tools.

CG Animator/Technical Artist

E-Line Media | 2014-05-01 - 2014-10-31

Worked on the video game Never Alone.

  • In-game/cinematic character animation.
  • Character rigging and writing custom tools in order to facilitate the animation asset pipeline.
  • Character modeling and shader/fx lookdev.
  • Debugging Unity 3D issues related to the art pipeline.

3D Generalist (internship)

Infinite Frameworks Studios | 2013-05-01 - 2013-08-01

Worked on various TV commercials.

  • Set extensions and rough keying for various shots in live-action.
  • Modeling/texturing/rigging/animation/storyboarding for a CG animated intro sequence.

VFX artist (internship)

Mikoishi Studios | 2009-12-01 - 2010-07-31

Worked on the video game Dark Grounds.

  • Design/implementation of various visual effects, along with map/gameplay scripting.
  • Development of promotional material, including the official game website.

Temporary graphic designer

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore | 2009-10-01 - 2009-11-30

Created various illustrations and worked on internal videos/photography for company events.