Bait And Switch - the full film

Behind the scenes

Shader breakdown


I was the art director on this student film, responsible for the overall quality of the production. I worked together with my fellow artists to create this short film for our undergraduate film project.

In addition to directing and overseeing the content, I performed the following roles:

  • Visual development and concept art
  • Modeling, surfacing and rigging all characters in the film
  • Animated several key shots in the film
  • Almost all lighting, compositing and effects
  • Managing our film’s entire technical pipeline from initial geometry to final render

Concept Art

Production Art



Producer: Jakob Zoepfl

Concept artist: Yun Seongjun

Rigging/Technical Artist: Siew Yi Liang

Animators: Jakob Zoepfl, Siew Yi Liang, Cole Harrington, Kevin Kaufman

Environment artists: Ian Hampton, Derek Schuetz